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Ahrend Albrecht Lawyers Author Multiple Chapters of Employment Law Deskbook

February 22, 2014 – Matt Albrecht

Ahrend Albrecht Lawyers: Employment Law Deskbook Contributions

The Washington State Association for Justice (WSAJ) is Washington’s largest association of trial attorneys, and publishes several highly respected deskbooks.  The third edition of the WSAJ Employment Law Deskbook was published near the end of 2013.  Two separate chapters were authored by prior Ahrend Albrecht partners.  Matt Albrecht authored the chapter on using Washington’s Public Records Act to obtain critical records to prove civil rights and similar claims against governmental entities, and George Ahrend authored the chapter providing an overview of the law on employment discrimination.

A deskbook is a series, similar to a practical encyclopedia, meant to be kept handy by practicing lawyers for day-to-day reference on legal questions within a specific field of law.  It is a high honor to be asked to author works of this type, because these deskbooks are typically bought by those lawyers seriously dedicated to working at the highest level possible, and we are proud that the lawyers of WSAJ trust us to provide useful and authoritative guidance for their cases.

If you’ve arrived at this page because you are trying to obtain public records from an agency and are being given a difficult time, call our office to discuss your case.  The bottom line is this:  if it is a record created, stored, or used by an agency using public funds, whether digital or paper, every citizen should have access to it unless the agency has a strong and specific reason to keep it from the public.  Agencies also have a heavy burden to complete diligent searches for any requested records.  The attorneys at Albrecht Law are dedicated to helping with the important mission of keeping public records public.  Fair and free democratic government depends on it. Contact our Spokane attorneys today.

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