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When a commercial dispute exists between your business and another party, your reputation, profitability, and even viability may be disrupted. While commercial disputes may be an inevitable part of doing business, a dispute does not need to have severe repercussions when you work with a skilled Spokane commercial disputes and litigation lawyer. At the office of Albrecht Law, PLLC, our commercial disputes and litigation attorneys can provide you with the counsel and guidance that you’re looking for and that your business needs to protect its relationships and its bottom line.

Most Common Types of Business and Commercial Disputes

We are a full-service law firm providing representation to businesses big and small that find themselves involved in disputes of various types. Some of the most common types of business and commercial disputes for which we provide representation include:

  • Employment disputes, including wage and hour disputes, discrimination disputes, paid leave disputes, harassment disputes, workers’ compensation disputes, and more;
  • Partnership disputes;
  • Contract disputes, including breach of contract disputes and non-compete agreement disputes;
  • Business torts, including claims filed against a business by consumers and consumer class actions;
  • Intellectual property disputes;
  • Tax disputes;
  • Supplier and third-party disputes;
  • Real estate and land use disputes; and
  • More.

We represent businesses and companies dealing with internal disputes between partners, shareholders, and employers, as well as disputes between other businesses, third-parties, and consumers.

Helping Your Business Resolve Disputes Effectively

Our goal is to help your business resolve any disputes in which it is involved effectively, quickly, and in a manner that protects your best interests. There are three primary types of dispute resolution tactics, which we prioritize in the following order:

  • Mediation: Mediation is the least expensive, and often the most effective, way for your business to resolve disputes privately and effectively. During mediation, you have more control over the outcome of your case, as you can compromise where you see fit and negotiate openly. Resolving disputes through mediation is often the best way to preserve a working relationship with the other party, which may be important to your business long-term.
  • Arbitration: If mediation is unsuccessful, we can represent you in arbitration. Arbitration is a matter of contract between parties, and both parties are free to choose the terms under which they will arbitrate. Arbitration is less expensive than litigation, and also is a private process. It also gives parties more control over how and where disputes are resolved, and shields your business from public scrutiny as arbitration is not a public process, unlike litigation.
  • Litigation: In the event that alternative dispute resolution methods are ineffective, our law firm can represent your business in litigation, and will manage all depositions, court filings, investigative processes, and more on your behalf. We have trial experience, and will be prepared to offer aggressive, knowledgeable representation throughout the process.

Avoiding Disputes Early On

One of the best ways to protect your business from disputes that could tarnish its name is to consult with a business lawyer on a regular basis. By working with an attorney early on and seeking legal advice in regards to the various decisions your business makes on a daily basis, you can ensure that you are operating within the law, adhering to any regulatory requirements, and entering contracts and agreements that are both legal and within your company’s best interests. We firmly believe that avoiding disputes with sound practices is one of the best ways to save your company time and money.

Should a dispute surface, addressing the matter early on is of the utmost importance. We will analyze the dispute, work with experts to make sense of claims, and represent you in negotiations with the other party that are intended to resolve the dispute. You focus on running your business; we’ll handle the mitigation of conflicts that arise between your business and other parties.

Protect Your Interests with a Skilled Attorney on Your Side

You’ve spent years putting your time and your energy into your business; a single dispute can unravel all of that hard work, damaging your business’ reputation and success permanently. If you have been named in a business dispute, it’s important that you arm yourself with skilled legal representation immediately. Our law firm has years of experience behind our name, has a reputation of excellence, and always put our clients first. When you work with us, we will make you and your case a priority.

To learn more about our Spokane commercial business disputes and litigation lawyers and how we can be of service, please reach out to us today at (509) 495-1246(509) 495-1246. It may be the best thing that you ever do for your company.

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