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"My medical bills were close to $500,000"

Sometimes you don’t want a lawyer, but we can help you navigate the complex issues that come up from working with insurance companies. Albrecht was able to help Karen after her accident and get the answers she needed. 

"I definietly didn't think I would have the money"

Skyler wasn’t sure what to do after his motorcycle accident, but Albrecht was able to help with all the medical bills and insurance claims. His fiancé found us after looking for a personal injury lawyer.

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"Our insurance company refused to believe us"

Dave and Deanna came to Albrecht after being denied a claim they felt was a “no brainer”. Albrecht worked to make sure they got every penny they were denied and more.

"My medical bills were in excess of $45,000"

Understanding how to navigate the insurance companies is important for you and your claim. Paul realized he needed help after being told that his claim wasn’t worth very much – even after his medical bill exceeded $40,000. 

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