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Boating is a wonderful activity that can be relaxing, active, adventurous, calming, and everything in between. Those who have been boating in Washington know it is especially beautiful. But boating is also an activity that comes with certain risks. When a boat accident occurs, those involved may be seriously injured. If you’ve been harmed in a boating accident, our Spokane boating accident lawyer at the office of Albrecht Law, PLLC can help. Reach out to us today to learn more.

Common Boating Accident Injuries

Boating accidents may lead to tragic, life-changing injuries. Depending on the cause of the boating accident, injuries might include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries from hitting one’s head or deprivation of oxygen, including injuries related to near-drowning;
  • Amputation injuries, which are most common if a person’s limbs hit a boat motor or propellor;
  • Bone fractures, which may occur from the impact of hitting the water or another object;
  • Hypothermia, which can occur if a person remains in cold water for too long;
  • Lacerations, which may occur if a person is hit with a sharp object;
  • Back and neck injuries, including soft tissue injuries from being thrown overboard or suddenly jerked;
  • Spinal cord injuries, which are tragic and can leave a person permanently paralyzed from the site of the injury downwards; In the most serious of cases, boating injuries are fatal.

Causes of Boating Accidents –

Boating accidents are usually preventable and occur as a result of avoidable factors. Common causes of boating accidents include:

  • Taking a boat out in bad weather;
  • Operating a boat while intoxicated;
  • Operator or lookout inexperience;
  • Lookout negligence;
  • Speeding;
  • Performing reckless or aggressive operator behaviors.

While some accidents happen as a result of unforeseeable, unpreventable factors, most occur due to negligence. If someone else’s negligence was the cause of your boating accident, we can help you to bring forth a claim and seek compensation for the full value of your damages.

Liability for a Boating Accident

Liability for a boating accident is usually based on negligence – the failure to exercise the required degree of care. Typically, you’ll bring forth a claim against the at-fault party’s liability insurance policy. Determining who’s at fault and who should pay for your accident can be complicated, and is best navigating with the help of an experienced attorney.

Contact Our Spokane Boating Accident Attorney Today for Help with Your Case

If you’ve been in a boating accident in Spokane, our Spokane boating accident attorney at the law office of Albrecht Law, PLLC knows the tragedy and losses you’re facing and wants to help. We offer free consultations and work on a contingency fee basis – reach out to us today to learn more.

To learn more, please call (509) 495-1246 (509) 495-1246 today or send us a message. We are here to serve you.

Questions or Schedule An Appointment? Call Us:

(509) 495-1246

Questions or Schedule An Appointment? Call Us:

(509) 495-1246

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