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Drunk Driver Kills Pedestrian in Spokane Crash

March 9, 2022 – Matt Albrecht

Drunk Driver Kills Pedestrian in Spokane Crash | Albrecht Law

According to a report from KXLY Spokane, a pedestrian has been killed in a crash with an intoxicated driver on East Sprague Avenue. The tragic collision was reported just after 6:00 PM on March 1st, 2022. In this article, our Spokane car crash attorneys explain what we know about the tragic crash and discuss the safety threat that drunk drivers pose to pedestrians.

Spokane Police: Drunk Driver Arrested After Fatal Pedestrian Accident

A spokesperson for the Spokane Police Department (SPD) informed reporters that emergency calls came just after sunset on March 1st. A pedestrian was struck near the 4100 block of 4110 East Sprague Avenue in the easter part of the city. When emergency first responders arrived at the scene of the collision, they attempted to perform CPR on the victim. Unfortunately, the man was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. The responsible driver, a 47-year-old woman, remained at the scene of the accident.

After an initial investigation, SPD officers noticed signs of intoxication. The victim was apparently struck by the intoxicated driver while he was crossing East Sprague Avenue. Based on the information obtained at the scene of the crash, the driver was arrested and charged with vehicular homicide, a serious felony offense in Washington. The fatal DUI pedestrian crash is still under a more comprehensive investigation. Anyone with relevant information is encouraged to call the Spokane Police Department.

Drunk Drivers Pose a Serious Safety Threat to Pedestrians

All motorists have a legal responsibility to watch out for the health and well-being of pedestrians. Unfortunately, far too many of them fail to do so. Pedestrian collisions remain a serious public safety hazard in Eastern Washington and throughout the United States. According to data from the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), approximately 6,000 pedestrians are killed in motor vehicle collisions nationwide each year. In Washington State, there is an average of 100 pedestrian accident fatalities reported annually. Hundreds more pedestrians suffer severe injuries.

Notably, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that 1 in 3 deadly pedestrian accidents involved a drunk driver. Drunk drivers and drugged drivers pose a serious safety threat to everyone on or near the road, especially to vulnerable road users such as pedestrians. A victim of a DUI pedestrian crash deserves justice and compensation for their damages. Financial recovery may be available for the full extent of an injured pedestrian’s damages, including their medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and permanent impairments.

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