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Frequent Causes for Commercial Disputes

January 8, 2020 – Matt Albrecht

Commercial Dispute Causes | Spokane Valley| Call 509-495-1246

Commercial disputes or litigation covers a wide range of issues that concern a business and its stakeholders. They occur when a company fails to comply with Federal Business Law, or when a third party files a complaint/lawsuit against them. Commercial disputes may arise due to an infinite amount of reasons and their impacts vary.   

Frequent Causes for Commercial Disputes

A colossal amount of commercial disputes is the result of unhappy, incapacitated, or offended employees. When a company does not treat its workers well or fails to establish equity, the rebels will emerge to bring justice. Racism, gender discrimination, favoritism, harassment, and adverse working conditions are a few widespread problems at every other workplace. Many discrepancies also occur from an unfair wage system, prolonged working hours, and a poor or unaccommodating office environment. 

The case is solid if the business owners have not followed the provisions they state in a signed legal contract. Breach of contract is the shortcut to a company’s downfall, whether it corresponds to a consumerism, partnership, or employment. An individual or company that has collaborated with you in business can sue if your actions were deceitful or immoral. When you are not giving them what you promised, they will seek legal assistance to obtain compensation. 

Stealing material objects is one crime, but infringement of a brand’s intellectual property can lead to serious commercial litigation. The intellectual assets of a company are its ideas and concepts that exist as patents, copyrights, and trademarks, among other intangible forms. Using someone’s design or content without their permission is unacceptable, even if it’s still in the premature stages of development. 

Clients or customers turn against a business when the stakeholders fall short of delivering their fiduciary duties. Fiduciary responsibilities are all about being sincere, transparent, and respectful towards the end user or business associate. If a company does not abide by its policy in day-to-day matters, this could ensue an invitation to commercial dispute. Common reasons include hiding, misusing, or disclosing sensitive information that affects one or both parties. 

Resolving Commercial Disputes

Commercial disputes can ruin the reputation and social ranking of a company, no matter how tiny or harmless it appears at the beginning. If the lawsuit filer wins, you will lose a lot of money and probably need to file for bankruptcy. Settling the matter out of court is the safest option for both parties and prevents the unwanted drama and public humiliation. When two entities come upon a disagreement, they should sit and talk it out. 

Business litigation is an expensive procedure, so mediation or arbitration can help stakeholders resolve the matter on friendlier and cheaper terms. However, if negotiation is impossible and a mutual agreement cannot be reached, the accused must hire a competent business litigation attorney for building defense. Not all lawsuits are directly related to the business operations, so the opponent’s leverage shall be minimized. 

In order to prevent all sorts of commercial disputes, we must identify and combat issues in their earliest stages. Regular legal advice is the key to staying out of trouble and court trials.

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