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How Much is My Washington Personal Injury Claim Worth?

Following a serious accident, victims are often stuck dealing with stacks of medical bills and many other expenses. Worse yet, a serious injury could keep you off of the job for months, or even longer. The financial strain an accident puts on a family can be enormous. This raises a key question: How much is my injury case actually worth? Unfortunately, it is a reasonable question that does not have an easy answer. Below, our Spokane personal injury lawyers describe how personal injury compensation is calculated in Washington. 

Three Key Factors that Affect the Value of a Personal Injury Case in Spokane

Under Washington state law, injured victims are entitled to be made ‘whole’ after being wrongfully harmed by another party. In other words, you can recover financial compensation for all losses from the defendant(s) who was responsible for those damages. Here are there key factors that will determine how much you can recover in personal injury compensation: 

  • Liability: To recover compensation from another party, you must first prove that they are  liable for your accident. As Washington is a comparative negligence jurisdiction (Chapter 4.22.005 RCW), the extent of the liability matters. It is not an ‘either/or’ proposition. A defendant found to be 100 percent responsible for an accident can be held liable for 100 percent of your damages. However, if you are found partially liable for your own accident—a common defense strategy—the value of your case will be reduced proportionally. 
  • Damages: A personal injury settlement/verdict is meant to compensate a victim for their actual damages—meaning your personal injury compensation should be equivalent to the value of your losses. Depending on the specific nature of your accident, you may be eligible to recover financial compensation for emergency room care, medical bills, long-term care, lost wages, loss of income, pain and suffering, permanent scarring, and permanent disability. 
  • Insurance: Finally, it is important to understand the role that insurance companies and insurance policies play in the personal injury claims process. In some cases, injured victims run about against policy limits or other issues that can complicate the matter. Additionally, insurance companies are highly aggressive—they try to settle claims for as little as possible. An experienced Spokane, WA personal injury can help you hold them accountable and maximize your settlement or verdict. 

Every personal injury case requires an in-depth, professional investigation. To get full value, a plaintiff must prove liability and prove the full extent of their damages. With a strong, compelling claim built on a reliable foundation of supporting evidence, you will be able to maximize your award. 

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