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Motorcyclist Killed in Spokane County Crash, Police Looking for a Possible Witness

According to a report from KREM 2, a man was killed in a devastating motorcycle accident in Spokane. The crash occurred near 8200 North Market Street, in the northeastern corner of the city. The Spokane County Sheriff’s Office is actively investigating the collision, including searching for a witness who may have information. Here, our Spokane auto accident attorneys explain what we know about the crash and highlight the risks that motorcyclists face on our roadways.

Motorcyclist May Have Been at Fault—Speed and Intoxication Possible Factors

The Spokane County Sheriff’s Office believes that the fatal motorcycle accident occurred shortly before 9:00 AM on the morning of October 11th. Based on a preliminary investigation, law enforcement officers believe that a woman driving a Honda Pilot was slowing her vehicle to make a left-hand turn into a parking lot.

A motorcyclist traveling in the opposite direction at high rates of speed suddenly lost control of his bike. The woman driving the Honda attempted to take evasive action to avoid the upcoming motorcycle but was unable to do so. Sadly, the motorcyclist was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash. Beyond speed, police believe that intoxication on the part of the motorcyclist may also have been a factor in the catastrophic accident.

Possible Third Party Witness: Spokane County Sheriff Looking for Blue Sedan

County police officers are currently searching for the driver of a blue sedan that was in the area. The unidentified blue vehicle was also nearly struck by the motorcycle shortly before the deadly collision—and law enforcement officers believe that the driver of the car may have relevant information about the crash.

Know the Importance of Motorcycle Safety

Motorcyclists have limited protection. When a crash occurs, a motorcyclist is always at risk of suffering a serious injury. Studies indicate that nearly 8 in 10 motorcycle accidents reported across the nation result in an injury to the rider. Here are four motorcycle safety tips that all riders should obey:

  • Wear a Helmet: Motorcycle helmets save lives—and they are required by law in Washington.
  • Slow Down: Not only does speeding make motorcycle accidents more likely, but it also increases the risk of catastrophic injuries.
  • Stay Focused: Distracted driving is a problem for everyone, including motorcycle riders.
  • Do Not Assume Other Drivers Can See You: Sadly, many motorcycle accidents occur because drivers simply fail to recognize the presence of a bike. Take extra precautions to make your motorcycle as visible as possible.

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