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On Storytelling

In cases involving serious personal injury or death, the justice system revolves around whose story connects best with the judge or jury. Storytelling is our oldest form of communicating truths and parables with one another, and to pass on wisdom from age to age. But too often trial lawyers get caught up in listing facts and numbers and forget that every good story revolves around its characters. Are the characters caring? Authentic? Heroic? Or are they weak, dishonest, and looking for excuses.

Meeting new people and learning the stories of their lives is, to me, the most interesting part of being a trial lawyer.  Sometimes clients are surprised when I tell them I’d love to have dinner at their home, or lunch at their business, or to meet their loved ones, but to me it’s the best (and my favorite) way to get to know the true depth of the characters in the story that must be told at trial.

If you have a Spokane or Grant County case, or a serious personal injury or death legal matter anywhere in Washington State, contact our office so we can get to know you and find out whether we can help.

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