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One Killed, One in Critical Condition After Apparent “Road Rage” Crash East of Spokane

November 4, 2020 – Matt Albrecht

One Killed, One in Critical Condition After Apparent “Road Rage”

According to a report from The Spokesman-Review, one person was killed and another person was severely injured in an auto accident outside of Spokane. A representative for the Washington State Patrol (WSP) told reporters that “road rage” was suspected as the primary factor in the deadly crash. Here, our Spokane car accident lawyer explains what we know about the wreck and we discuss the dangers of ‘road rage’ in general.

Law Enforcement: Vehicular Homicide Charge Possible

The fatal car accident occurred on Interstate 90 westbound—on a rural stretch of the highway east of the City of Spokane. Based on preliminary findings, investigators believe that a man named Casey L. Walker attempted to cut-off another vehicle using an aggressive driving maneuver. Instead, he accidentally clipped the front-end of the other car, sending both vehicles spiraling into the concrete barriers along the side of the road.

Tragically, his passenger, a 50-year-old Washington woman named Lynn Chapman, was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. Walker, who was not wearing a safety belt, was immediately transported to a local emergency medical center in critical condition. A spokesperson for the WSP noted that felony vehicular homicide charges are being considered in the road rage accident. The crash is still under a more comprehensive investigation by state authorities.

Aggressive Driving is a Serious Public Safety Problem

Unfortunately, aggressive driving remains a very serious highway safety problem in Eastern Washington and throughout the country. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) notes that ‘road rage’ is an especially egregious and dangerous form of aggressive driving. Typically, road rage is characterized by angry and reckless conduct. Though, in the very worst circumstances, road rage may even involve a driver purposely causing a crash.

Road rage can be triggered in many ways. Highway safety experts note that it is a psychological phenomena in which a driver’s anger overrides their good sense and judgment. When road rage affects a driver’s action, they are putting innocent lives (and their own life) in harm’s way. Aggressive drivers may also be breaking the law.

A comprehensive federal study conducted last decade found that thousands of people are injured and more than 250 are killed in road rage accidents each year. However, the researchers cautioned that the true figure was undoubtedly far higher. In most cases, aggressive driving accidents are not actually classified as a road rage crash unless criminal charges are filed against the driver.

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