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Six Things that Could Undermine Your Personal Injury Claim

July 23, 2021 – Matt Albrecht

6 Things that Could Undermine Your Personal Injury Claim, Washington

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, Americans make a collective 39.5 million ER visits for unintentional injuries each year. For reference, there are nearly 900,000 emergency room visits for accidental injuries annually in Washington State alone. Following an accident, you need money to pay bills and support your family.

A personal injury claim allows an injured victim to take action to hold the at-fault party legally liable for their damages. Unfortunately, the personal injury claims process can be complicated. Too many people make errors that undermine their own best interests. Here, our Spokane personal injury lawyers highlight six mistakes that could damage your personal injury claim.

You Need to Avoid these Common Personal Injury Mistakes

Not Seeking Medical Attention After an Accident

You should always get medical care as soon as possible after an accident. Additionally, you should follow your doctor’s orders and seek follow-up care. Without comprehensive medical records, you will not be able to recover full and fair financial compensation.

Failing to Document the Accident

Personal injury claims are generally fault-based legal cases. As you might already suspect, defendants and insurance companies are not exactly eager to admit to liability. Evidence matters. Save everything you can related to your accident.

Dealing Directly With an Opposing Insurance Company

With few exceptions, personal injury claims are defended by insurance companies. Insurers want to protect their own profits. They are not looking out for the best interests of you or your family. Do not deal directly with insurance adjusters—work through a personal injury lawyer.

Exaggerating or Misrepresenting Your Accident or Your Injuries

Do not make misrepresentations or false statements when pursuing a claim. Credibility is important in any legal claim. Whether you are trying to reach a settlement or obtain a favorable verdict, your credibility matters.

Waiting Too Long to File a Claim

Washington has a three-year statute of limitations for most personal injury claims. Though, you may need to act quicker in some circumstances. Do not miss your chance to get justice: Be ready to start the claims process right away. You do not want to fall behind the defendant or its insurers.

Not Consulting a Spokane Personal Injury Lawyer

After an accident, your time and attention should be on your health and your family. The claims process is complicated. An experienced Spokane personal injury attorney will ensure that your rights are protected and that you are in the best position to maximize your settlement or verdict.

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