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The Importance of Rehabilitative Care After a Car Accident

September 1, 2021 – Matt Albrecht

Importance of Rehabilitative Care After a Car Accident, Washington

Traffic collisions are one of the leading causes of serious injuries in Eastern Washington. Alarmingly, accidents are on the rise. According to the National Safety Council (NSC), the rate of catastrophic motor vehicle accidents jumped by nearly 25 percent in 2020. Following a serious crash, you need comprehensive medical treatment. Here, our Spokane car accident attorneys explain the importance of seeking rehabilitative care after a traffic collision.

Emergency Medical Needs Should Always Come First

If you suffered a serious injury in a crash, you need immediate emergency medical attention. With serious injuries, immediate care can make a significant difference. You should also seek a physician for an examination as soon as possible after a car accident even if you believe that your injuries are only “minor” or “moderate.” Some of the most common car accident injuries—from whiplash to concussions—arise with a delayed onset. Do not assume that you are “fine.” You may feel much worse 48 or 72 hours after the collision.

Car Accident Claims Tip: Not only is seeking medical attention important for your personal well-being, it is a necessary step in the car accident injury claims process. You can only recover financial compensation for your injuries if you have medical records.

The Physical Road to Recovery Can Be Long and Uneven

It can take a long time to heal from a car crash. The physical toll that a collision can take on the human body should not be underestimated. Injured victims deserve comprehensive rehabilitative care, including physical therapy. With physical therapy that is personalized to suit your specific needs, you will be in a far better position to make a full physical recovery from your accident.

All of your medical costs should be considered in settlement negotiations. You deserve financial compensation for the full extent of your damages. In Washington, injured victims can pursue financial relief for medical bills, rehabilitative care costs, and physical therapy costs. A Spokane, WA car accident lawyer will make sure that your claim is handled properly.

Do Not Neglect Your Psychological and Emotional Needs

Not all car accident injuries are purely physical in nature. It is not uncommon for people to suffer psychological or emotional trauma in a crash, potentially including Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Make sure you get the proper professional support for mental health needs after a car accident. You may be eligible to recover financial compensation for psychological/emotional harm.

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