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What is the Average Settlement for a Slip and Fall Accident in Washington?

May 27, 2021 – Matt Albrecht

What is the Average Settlement for a Slip and Fall Accident in Washington?

Slip and falls and trip and falls are among the most frequently reported causes of significant injuries in the United States. The National Floor Safety Institute (NSFI) estimates that these accidents “account for over 1 million visits” to emergency rooms each year. Given the high cost of medical care, slip and fall accident victims need full and fair financial compensation for their injuries.

You may want to know: How much can I recover after a slip and fall accident? The answer is “it depends”—there is no true ‘average’ slip and fall accident settlement. Instead, your compensation will depend on your ability to prove liability and the extent of your injuries. Here, our Spokane personal injury attorneys provide a more detailed explanation of how compensation is calculated.

The Three Main Factors that Affect Your Slip and Fall Accident Compensation

    1. Liability

A business in Spokane is not always legally liable for a slip and fall that occurs on its premises. To recover financial compensation for slip and fall accident injury, you must prove liability. In Washington, slip and fall accident liability is based on negligence. To hold a business/property owner responsible for your injuries, you will need evidence that demonstrates that an unreasonably dangerous safety hazard caused your accident.

    1. Damages

Proving liability is just one step in the personal injury claims process. You also need to establish the value of your damages. Under Washington law, slip and fall accident damages are designed to compensate the victim for their actual economic and non-economic losses. In other words, the worse your accident, the more compensation you should receive in a personal injury claim. You may be able to recover money for:

      • Medical bills and related expenses;
      • Loss of current and future wages;
      • Pain and suffering; and
      • Long-term disability or impairment.
    1. Legal Representation

Most slip and fall accident claims are defended by commercial property insurance companies. These insurers are notoriously aggressive—they will try to settle your claim for less. Even if you have a strong legal case, it can still be challenging to get a maximum slip and fall accident settlement offer from the insurance company. You need an experienced legal advocate on your team. Do not fall behind the defendant or its insurance company. Contact a Spokane, WA slip and fall accident injury attorney as soon as possible after an incident. A lawyer will be able to get working on your case immediately.

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At‌ ‌Albrecht‌ ‌Law‌ ‌PLLC, our top-rated Spokane personal injury attorneys have deep experience handling premises liability claims, including slip and falls. If you were hurt in a slipping or tripping accident, we can help. Contact our team to set up your free case evaluation.

*From our Spokane office, we fight for the rights of slip and fall accident victims throughout the whole region, including in Spokane Valley, Liberty Lake, Rockford, Colville, Loon Lake, Pullman, and Airway Heights.

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