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What Remedies Can I Pursue for A Bad Faith Claim?

Is Your Insurance Company Operating Fairly and Legally?

Insurance companies must operate with fair and legal policies for reviewing and making decisions about claims. If the insurance company violates this in your claim, you could bring further action against them with a bad faith allegation.

Since the insurance company is likely to fight back, you’ll want a lawyer experienced in insurance denial to help you with your legal claim of bad faith.

Bad Faith Managing Your Insurance Claim

If you believe that the insurance company has acted in bad faith in managing your insurance claim, you need a lawyer to help you work through the legal process and recover the appropriate compensation and remedies.

Washington’s state laws can be very tough on insurance companies that are deemed to have acted in bad faith. Depending on your individual situation, damages for bad insurance faith, when brought under the insurance fair conduct act, or as a bad faith claim, may include some or all of the following:

  • Punitive damages that could potentially triple your award.
  • Attorney fees and costs
  • Payment of claims denied by the insurance company.
  • Consequential damages including emotional distress.
  • Coverage by estoppel; meaning that any valid coverage defenses raised by underwriters are prohibited and the company can be held liable for your entire claim for insurance.

Get Insurance Help

A policyholder in most cases simply wants their claim to be quickly and fully paid, so that they can put this unfortunate incident behind them and move on with their lives. A knowledgeable insurance attorney firm in Washington, such as Albrecht Law,  can help you figure out the best way to achieve a fair result if the insurance company is trying to take advantage of you by behaving in bad faith.

Claim Assitance

The right lawyers to help you with this claim should be attorneys who have a broad range of experience in this field and who have helped numerous other people overcome the various challenges associated with bad faith claims. You have a right to have the insurance company take care of your claim effectively and quickly without trying to bully you into accepting a denial or a lower claim amount. Engage the services of a lawyer to increase your chances of success. Contact us today!

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