Matt Albrecht Named a 2013 Top Spokane Lawyer

We are pleased to announce Matt Albrecht has been named one of Spokane’s Top Lawyers for the fourth time.  This regional publication makes an annual selection, which considers quality of representation, experience, industry reputation, and a score of other objective criteria to identify those lawyers it believes sit at the top of Spokane’s legal field.

On the topic of choosing lawyers, as in most things, it is the human connection that matters.  You need a lawyer who is perfect for YOU and for YOUR CASE.  So we don’t think a person injured in a car crash should simply go to, or Spokane Living Magazine, or any other listing or ranking.  Instead, take your time making this important choice, and take a look at our advice on choosing a lawyer first.  We think when things go wrong in an attorney-client relationship, it is often a communication break down or a simple failure to return phone calls.  So we strongly encourage you to meet personally with any attorney before you hire them–see if its a good fit.  After all, if you need an attorney for litigation, you might end up spending quite a bit of time with them and you will end up trusting him or her with your future economic well being.  You want to be proud to have your lawyer on your legal team, and if you’re really lucky, it might just be someone you’ll be glad to keep in touch with over lunch or coffee even after the case is over.

Still, though, these ranking services provide valuable information.  If nothing else, they can serve as a red flag.  If nobody knows who your attorney is, he doesn’t speak or write on current legal topics, and he isn’t part of any bar association or professional organizations, that says something.  It might not be a deal breaker for you, but its worth taking into account.

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