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Four People Taken to Hospital After Multi-Vehicle Rollover Collision in Spokane Valley

April 6, 2021 – Matt Albrecht

4 People Taken to Hospital After Multi-Vehicle Rollover Collision

According to a report from KREM 2, four people were taken to an emergency medical center after a multi-vehicle rollover collision in Spokane Valley. The crash is still under investigation. Law enforcement officers are reviewing to determine if drugged driving may have played a role in the accident. Here, our Spokane car accident lawyers explain what we know about the crash and discuss the risks of rollover collisions.

Two Car Rollover Crash Reported in Spokane Valley, Washington

Deputies from the Spokane Valley Police Department were called to respond to an accident near University Road and Valleyway Avenue, near the Broadway Elementary School. Upon arriving on the scene of the collision, the officers found a Dodge minivan with heavy front-end damage and a Chevrolet pick up truck rolled over in a nearby yard. Emergency medical professionals were also dispatched. All four people involved in the crash were transported to a local hospital. KREM 2 reports that one person was being treated for serious injuries.

Based on a preliminary assessment, law enforcement believes that the driver of the truck ran through a stop sign and crashed into the oncoming minivan. Additionally, police officers told reporters that the driver of the Chevrolet pick up truck had drug paraphernalia in his vehicle. However, the driver denied being under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the collision. The rollover accident is still under a more comprehensive investigation.

How Common are Rollover Accidents?

The United States Department of Transportation (DOT) estimates that fewer than 1 in 50 U.S. car accidents involve a vehicle rollover. Although rollover accidents are relatively uncommon, these types of crashes are exceedingly dangerous. A disproportionate share of rollover collisions results in catastrophic injuries or fatalities. In fact, rollover collisions are more than ten times more likely to be deadly than other types of crashes.

Every rollover accident requires a thorough investigation. In many cases, rollover collisions are triggered by driver negligence. As demonstrated in the recent Spokane Valley rollover accident, a driver missed a stop sign and ran into the path of another vehicle. At the same time, many rollover accidents also happen (at least in part) because of manufacturer defects. Issues such as defective vehicle design and faulty tires can dramatically increase the risk of a rollover accident. A vehicle manufacturer or auto parts maker may bear full or partial liability for a rollover collision.

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