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What Variety of Techniques do Vehicle Insurers Use to Avoid Paying Claims?

March 28, 2018 – Matt Albrecht

Variety of Techniques Do Vehicle Insurers to Avoid Paying Claims?

How Do Car Insurance Companies Avoid Paying Out Claims?

Vehicle insurers will go to a number of lengths to avoid paying out on a claim. After all, the more settlements they pay, the less money the company makes overall — so it’s in the insurer’s best interest to deny as many claims as possible, even without just cause. Here are some of the most common reasons a car insurance company may deny coverage to car accident victims.

What Are Some Of The Tactics That Car Insurance Companies Use To Deny Payment?

  1. The Insurance Company Will Claim That The Injuries Were Unrelated to the Accident: Some insurers will attempt to claim that the injuries sustained by a car accident victim weren’t related to the accident at all, even going so far as to dig up ancient medical records in hopes of finding a history of old injuries or illnesses that could (by a stretch) explain the victim’s current state.
  2. The Insurance Company Will Claim That The Accident Was Preventable: Insurers often argue that accidents were avoidable and therefore the fault of the accident lies on the insured. This “defense” works particularly well for individuals who have liability only policies, where there is no coverage for the insured’s vehicle if the accident was their own fault.
  3. The Insurance Company May State That The Insured Did Not Report Injuries Right Away: It’s crucial for individuals who were in a car accident to seek treatment as soon as possible, even if they don’t “feel” injured. This is because insurance companies quite often deny car accident claims based on the timing of when the insured seeks medical treatment. It’s not uncommon for injuries to take a few days to begin producing symptoms, as is the case with whiplash and some back injuries.
  4. TheInsurance Company Can Claim That The Insured Was Driving Under the Influence: If the insurance company has reason to believe that a driver was driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol — even medications that have been legally prescribed — they are highly likely to deny an auto accident claim. However, many people are believed to be under the influence when they are not. If, for example, the driver was exhausted or had allergies, the driver’s red-rimmed eyes or slurred speech may cause the officer reporting to the scene of the accident to believe that the driver was under the influence when he or she really was not.

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