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What Should I Do If the Other Driver Makes False Statements After a Car Accident?

May 22, 2020 – Matt Albrecht

Dealing with False Statements After a Car Accident in Spokane

Following a crash, drivers have a legal obligation to stop their vehicle, exchange information, and remain at the scene of the accident. You would hope that all people would give an honest and straightforward account of what happened to police officers and insurers. Unfortunately, the reality is that some people refuse to accept fault and, sometimes, make false statements after an accident.

This raises an important question: What steps can you take to protect your rights if the other driver is lying after a car crash? The short answer is that you need to report the accident, document your story, collect evidence, and build a case. Below, our Spokane auto accident lawyers provide a more comprehensive explanation of what to do if the other driver is not telling the truth.

Report the Crash and Get a Copy of the Police Report

It is important to report the accident and get your side of the story down on paper. If an officer is dispatched to the scene, you will most likely be given an opportunity to explain what happened. Otherwise, you should report the crash as soon as possible. If the other driver’s version of events conflicts with your story, the crash report will serve as a key piece of evidence. The Washington State Patrol (WSP) operates a collision report database through which you can request an accident report. 

Carefully Gather and Organize All Relevant Evidence

If the at-fault driver refuses to accept responsibility, you may end up in a contested personal injury case. With disputed car accident claims, the more information that you have access to, the better off you will be. Be sure to make a proactive effort to secure as much evidence as possible. Beyond the accident report, you should also take pictures of the crash damage, take pictures of the wider accident scene, and get the contact details for anyone who witnessed the collision. 

Work With an Attorney Who Can Help You Build a Case

Finally, you should consult with an experienced Washington car accident attorney. Your lawyer will be able to review all of the evidence and help you assemble a strong, persuasive legal claim that disproves false statements and lies told by the at-fault driver. 

In some cases, additional investigation may be required to gather more information. As an example, if you believe that the other motorist was texting and driving, but they deny doing so, your lawyer may be able to subpoena their cell phone records to find the answer. At the end of the day, the evidence tells the story. Your lawyer can help you make that story compelling.

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