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Why Do Most Car Accidents Happen Closer to Home?

July 12, 2022 – Matt Albrecht

Why Do Most Car Accidents Happen Closer to Home? Spokane Valley, WA

Most people have heard the saying that the majority of car accidents happen close to home. It is more than just a saying, though. According to one study, approximately 77 percent of collisions that involved injury to at least one person occurred within ten miles of that person’s residence. So, why is this? It is important to understand why you are more likely to be involved in a crash when you are closer to home, so you are not found liable for paying damages to the injured parties.

Proximity to Residence

The very proximity to a person’s residence is one reason why the majority of car crashes happen close to a person’s home. While you may go to work, sporting events, and other outings, you do not go anywhere as much as you go home. Your home, after all, is where most of your outings start and begin. As such, you are simply close to home more often than you are in other places. The more you are in any given area, the higher the chances are that you will be involved in an accident while there.


You may not think that people in residential neighborhoods would drive their vehicles at excessive speeds, but they do. Consider the last time you were running late for work or school. Did you still make sure you were following the speed limit on your road? Or did you drive a little faster to make up for lost time? People who are eager to get home after a long day of work may also start to speed up as they get closer to home. Couple this with the fact that most residential roads have lower speed limits than highways and other roadways, and the potential for a crash becomes much more apparent.


The chances are good that if you have lived in the same area for a long time, you know your neighborhood very well. Although familiarity with an area can help prevent accidents, you are less likely to turn the wrong way down a one-way street or enter other areas that are prohibited for vehicles. However, familiarity can also increase the likelihood that you will become complacent behind the wheel when you are driving in your own area. You may not pay as much attention to the road in front of you, pedestrians, and others before it is too late.

Our Car Accident Lawyers in Spokane Can Help After a Crash

Car accidents are just as stressful when they happen close to home, but our Spokane car accident lawyers at Albrecht Law can help you sort through the aftermath. Our knowledgeable attorneys will determine who is liable for your injuries and hold them accountable for paying the full financial compensation you deserve. Call us now at (509) 844-9245 or fill out our online form to schedule a free review of your case and to obtain the sound legal counsel you need.

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